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How to edit old postings with the WLW

Submitted by on July 18, 2010 – 8:58 pm5 Comments

The Windows Live Writer is a great tool for creating new postings but also for editing existing postings. Unfortunately the XMLRPC API doesn’t support to load ALL the previous postings but there is a way or better there is a plugin.


  1. Download the WLWDownloader
  2. Find the PostID of the posting you want to edit
  3. Start the Internet Explorer and enter the following URL with your Posting ID
  4. wlw://www.example.com/?postid=yourPostId



source: A Ovest Di Paperino – Windows Live Writer Post Download Plugin

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  • gofree says:

    Thx a lot for bringing this on my friend. I’ve been requesting for the search all posts feature in WLW, but till now they have not implemented the feature.

  • gofree says:

    Seem not working. When I tried one of the post: wlw://www.gameloo.info/2010/07/one-unit-whole-blood-blood-2-chosen.htm

    It said ‘Invalid URL’

    It’s Blogger.

  • I´ve tested it only with wordpress but you should try to use the postingid instead of the url. Something like wlw://www.gameloo.info/?postid=123

  • Paperino says:

    The idea behind the “plugin” is that the link can be published directly on the blog by editing the blog team. The link would be made to appear only to admins although there are no security issues to make it available to everybody

  • gofree says:

    Yes, I can get it through logging in, and I just edit it from there. So what is the point to load it to WLW? It would be great if the plug-in can also retrieve the post id as we have already set up the admin account in it.